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Endorsements and Testimonials

"The greatest reward I receive from my work is
the satisfaction I provide to my clients." -- Wally


I just want to THANK YOU for the website critique you did with me.

Even though I had been making money with websites for a few years, you were able to point out 5 key points that I had totally missed, forgotten about or plain didn't think of - and you nailed them in about ten minutes.

Anyone who wants to get serious about making money on the web or already has a website would be crazy not to hire you immediately. Feel free to pass on my contact info if they have any doubts about hiring you - I'll tell them the straight scoop about "Wally the Web Guy".

Sensei Harrison Huff
Helping Adults and Children Take Their Power Back from The Bullies in Their Lives
Sensei @ bullyproofkids.com


"After sharing some pretty scary stories about website designers with some Internet marketing friends of mine, I was referred to "Wally The Web Guy" as a wise choice. Since I had a new project available I gave him a try. What I received was cutting-edge technology that was within budget all completed on my demanding time schedule. I never knew that launching a new website could be so smooth and simple. Thanks Wally!"

Stephen Krupnik
Cloud Ten, Inc
South Bend, IN


"Wally the Web guy is a top notch professional and brings new meaning to the word - webmaster.   He's enhanced facets of my website that in turn bolstered my money making system.  

One of the many things he helped me create is a custom designed blog where I post my daily musings to.  These articles are then indexed by search engines.  This is far better than any of those cheap free generic blog set-ups out there. You want your entries indexed by the search engines to drive traffic to your website.  Once he sets it up for you, the process to post to your personal blog is goof proof and anyone can do it.  

I highly recommend hiring Wally the Web Guy to be your webmaster - like he is mine.  His target date timeliness, productivity and follow up is unmatched on the Internet."

Vince Palko
Founder and CEO


"It’s amazing to me how some people impact your life from second one, 'Wally' you are one of those people. Not only did you do so personally but you did so with my business too.

You took the picture I had imagined for my business (which was vague at best) and turned it into a work of art for all to see. You have helped my desire to help people come true with your professionalism, kindness and mind for technology. My wife says she knows and sees a long-term relationship between us and I agree. I am blessed to know and work with you."

Nolan Berentis